Canada, we are back!


Aug. 21-22
It was rainy the morning we left the Heil's at White Bear Lake, MN to go East.  Today, we wanted to push as far as possible beyond Chicago.  All was good until we neared the vicinity of this mega-city.  It seemed all roads lead to Chicago, and all roads collect tolls.  Although each toll station collected a quarter here, thirty-five center there, they add up.  When we reached Gary, Indiana,we have used up all coins. 
We overnighted in Economy Inn in Brenton Harbor, Michigan.  So, today, we touched the grounds of five states:Minnesota, Wisconsin, Illinois, Indiana and Michigan.  We also learned that Lake Michigan is surrounded by four states: Wisconsin, Illinois, Indiana and Michigan.  Good lessons in geography, eh?!
 August 22.  We drove across Michigan.  The only place we intended to visit on the way is Henry Ford Museum in Dearborn. 


I visited this museum about twenty years ago and would like Din-sue to see it, too.  Much has changed--at least the place was very different from what I remembered.  And, to be honest, I am rather disappointed.  I remembered it as a museum for the automotive industry as witnessed by the life and work of Henry Ford.  The place is vast for sure. As we had only  about two hours to spare, a volunteer suggested that we focus on the major hall.  In the major exhibition hall, we saw a hodge-podge of many things on display occupying different corners and sections of the huge hall, including the key moments of civil rights movement  and the chair on which President Lincoln was sitting on when he was shot in the Ford Theater.  By the way, is that Ford Theater in any way related to the Ford family of Dearborn?

Canada--we are back!

Shortly after leaving Ford Museum, we managed to went on the Ambassador Bridge which leads us back into Canada.  There is a CD$4 toll for crossing this international connection.  This bridge looks new and elegant.  Is this why this rather high charge for crossing?

Point Pelee National Park

The highlight for today is Point Pelee National Park, about 20 minutes from Leamington.  We checked in to a Sun Parlor Motel on the no. 3 road and hurried to the National Park.  This park is unique because it is the smallest of Canadian National Parks and the southern most point of Canada.  It is very popular partly because of its easy access, and mostly because of its rich offering. 
Only a third of this park is dry land, the rest are marshland and sand dunes. 

When we entered the park, the cloud was hanging low and threatening rain.    Supposedly, this is a great spot for birding as both the Atlantic and Mississippi flyways cross over here.  But the only wild animal we saw were a few wild turkeys which wandered onto the road.  Perhaps this is not the right season.  Not the right time.   Oh well ....