Old Friends in the Twin Cities


Aug 13-20

The Firchow's new home is in Bloomington, just south of Minneapolis, right on the edge of a golf course.   They spent a few months to make the apartment wheelchair ready before moving in.   But Peter only got to enjoy it for about half a year.  For Evelyn this place is ideal because she loves the manicured grass and the large oak trees standing  in front of her window.  And the pools and sauna just down in the basement.  This served as our base camp during our visits with old friends in the area.

I first came to Minneapolis in 1974 to study in U of Minn.  Some of the precious friendship started then and has lasted for 35 years!  And we were very lucky to be able to visit many of them:

Visiting old friends brought back so much precious feelings!  While age never was mentioned in any of our visits, it is just amazing to count the years that have gone by and see how the new generations have been growing.  When I think about how these friendship has developed through the years, a powerful sense of gratitude fills our hearts.  Thank you, friends, for being such friends in the stream of time!

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