Banff National Park Once More

在較大的地圖上查看Lake Louise

We left at about 9AM and continued eastward on Highway No.1. This is a lovely drive, with beautiful mountains and lakes along the way.

In Revelstoke, we stopped to fill the tank, purchased our Discovery Pass to National Parks and Historic Sites and general information gathering. The last time we came by here was on our way back from Banff and we drove the winding road all the way to the Alpine meadows of the Mount Revelstoke National Park. It was late in the season so we missed the wild flowers, but the beauty of the town and the Park left their impressions. This time, we learned that there are hourly free shuttle bus to the meadows and it is the high season for the flowers. but since we have long ways to go, we just have to come back again for this Park, as well as the Glacial National Park, whose snow-capped peaks were so inviting, especially under a clear sunny day like today.

3:30 PM. We arrived at the camping site in Lake Louise.  The change of time zone cost us an hour, so actually it is 4:30.  This National Park camping site lies in the shadow of Temple Mountain with the singing Bow River running by. As we now are one day more experienced, we quickly set up the tent, had our supper and set out to Lake Louise while there are still sufficient daylight.   We love this lake because its tranquility and elegance seem contagious.  During our first visit here five years ago, we had afternoon tea in the Chateau.  Seated under the window directly facing the glacial lake and the mountain, with beautiful harp music played live, we had a most memorable time.  Since then, coming to Banff has been like visiting a friend--some good basis upon which new experience can be weaved into a rich tapestry of memories. 

Moon Rise over Snow capped Temple Mountain

Day 2 in Banff.  Sunny and Clear with a few clouds.   Never had such good weather before.  Yeh!  We want to first visit  Moraine Lake and the famous Ten Peak surround it.  As this is a must visit for Banff National Park, we were advised to to before 10AM or after 5 PM to avoid the crowds. 

Moraine Lake

To approach the Lake, we must drive through a rather narrow road cut out from woods.  Then high mountain peaks begin to show.  This year, due to the heavier than normal snow, we can still see snow piled on many of the mountains  The water of Moraine Lake is translucent turquoise.  The color combination and the exquisite contour of the rocky peaks are at once strikingly beautiful to behold and awe inspiring.   Next to the parking, on the edge of the lake, there is a huge pile of moraine, a very popular ascent because it provides a higher angle  to look into the far end of the lake.

We took the small trail along the lake.  The high mountains sit quietly across the lake, as if watching over us.  A few canoeists paddled by, their bright life vests and bright canoes provide yet another strong element into the picture.  The water is so clear that the canoes seem to not touch the water at all.  All is quiet, except for a few bird chirps and occasional footsteps.

When we left, cars were beginning to stream in and parking has become increasingly difficult.

Bow Lake

Bow Lake is another lake that dreams are made of.  It is right on Highway 93 so we can get a glimpse of it while driving  If Moraine Lake is a coy maiden that one gets to know only by carefully exploring, then Bow Lake is a passionate woman that openly displays her beauty to invite you to get to know her.   Highway 93 is in itself a uniquely scenic drive, with  spectacular mountains rise on both sides, each with its own unique form as if to compete for attention and admiration. 

In front of the Bow Lake is a viewpoint where travelers can really get close to the lake.  Across the open lake are Crow mountains and glaciers.  The color of the lake is again turquoise, but appears to be of a deeper shade.  The surface of the lake does not reflect the blue sky nor the white cloud, not even the shadows of the mountains.  Wind alone seems to be capable of interacting with the water, bringing ripples and wrinkles to the beautiful face of the lake.

On our return, we took the scenic Highway 1A with Bow River right along it.  It was about four in the afternoon, but thick rain cloud has gathered, hiding the top portions of some mountains.  We had barely reached out camp when it started to rain.  Sitting in the tent, listening to the raindrops falling, is quite a thrilling experience. 


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